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Photography is not simply about capturing moments, but it is also about every art that a pictures create, every inch of uniqueness each portrait has. Show your artistic side and tell your own story through pictures by joining SKYVENTURE 2022‼️✨

SKYVENTURE is coming with a new innovation as well! For those of you who likes taking photograph in the more classical way…like maybe with a film camera? Well no worries because SKYVENTURE 2022 is helding both version of photography competitions 🤩

Photo submission deadline : Monday, 14th of March 2022

Fee :
Rp.45.000/orang untuk Photography Competition
Rp.20.000/orang untuk Film Camera Photography Competition

1. Architecture
2. Human Interest
3. Culinary
4. Nature
5. Healthy Lifestyle
6. Culture
Judge: Bea Wiharta

Prizes 🏆:
– First Place: Rp.1.500.000,00 + E-Certificate
– Second Place: Rp.1.000.000,00 + E-Certificate
– Third Place: Rp.750.000,00 + E-Certificate

Prizes 🏆 (Film Camera)
– 500.000 + E-Certificate

SKYVENTURE 2022 presents “Let Everyone Image Speak For You”

Grab you cameras, held on to your creativities and get ready for SKYVENTURE 2022 📸🎞

For more information, check out our website or contact:

Kaniya Tabina (081295088885)
Revasha Ristananda (081808888442)

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